About Me

Oh hey!

My name is Lindsey. I’m a strategic thinker, passionate social media thought leader, creative optimist, problem solver, and innovative leader. If I don’t know something, I’ll figure it out. I’ve been working in the digital media space for 14 years on both client and agency side, leading brands from CPG, QSR, Heath care, Automotive, Spirits, etc.

So you want to know more about me?                  

I moved to San Marcos in 2018 with my husband. Shortly after, we had our first and only son, Julian! After taking a break from the fast paced agency lifestyle, I decided to freelance and exercise the creative muscles in my brain. I realized that I love to cook, bake, do any type of arts and crafts, calligraphy, and am extremely organized. Oh, I am also a proficient multi-tasker.

What I’m looking for?

Any freelance and consulting projects that can keep me on my toes, continually keep me learning and challenged, and one that provides an opportunity for growth.

Want to get in touch?

Should we work together? Email me and let me know!